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Marijuana is notoriously difficult to get out of the human system ahead of a drug test. This happens to be one of very few, fat-soluble recreational drugs. As such, rather than being cleaned out by the filter organs and passed through the urine, it’s stored directly in the fat cells. This means that people who’ll be taking urine tests will need to focus on strategic fat loss rather than purifying or cleansing their urine instead. It’s important to note, however, that a lot of companies are forgoing urine tests in lieu of hair follicle testing. Hair follicle tests allow for far fewer opportunities to cheat, scam, or skew the final test results. Due to this fact, this type of testing makes the process of eliminating the physiological evidence of drug use all the more difficult. The good news is that there are still tactics that you can use to make sure that your next drug screen is a clean one. Following some of the best techniques to pass hair follicle test for marijuana.

Don’t Fool Yourself

Don’t fool yourself and don’t let yourself be fooled. There is no foolproof way to pass any type of drug screening if you are still, actively using the drug that you’re screening for. The first and most important thing that you need to do to pass hair follicle test for marijuana is to stop using this drug in all of its various forms. You cannot smoke, eat or vape marijuana in the days and weeks that lead up to your appointment. If you do, no cleansing agents or strategies are going to work. The longer that you wait to start abstaining from this drug, the harder it will invariably be to cleanse.

Another important thing to note is that cleaning up for a hair follicle test is a lot different from cleaning out your system for a urine test. It is incredibly important to avoid environments in which marijuana smoke will be present. Getting smoke residues in your hair will likely offset the benefits of any topical, cleansing agent that you’ve invested in.

Buy A Quality Shampoo

There are currently several, effective products for removing THC and other conspicuous residues from the hair. You definitely want to invest in one of these. These products will require you to shampoo your tresses several times per day in the days and weeks that lead up to your drug screening appointment. You will need to use your chosen shampoo diligently and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In many cases, this will likely mean abstaining from your normal hair care products as well. This way, you won’t be in danger of applying gels, mousses, or other topical agents that make it harder for the treatment to break THC residues down. It is also a good idea to look for shampoos that both strip THC residues away and pamper your hair. With these formulas, you can still look your best even as you get ready for your mandatory drug test.

Implement A Multi-Pronged Plan

Every successful cleansing program is a multi-pronged one. When you want to pass hair follicle test for marijuana, your plan must include abstinence from all forms of marijuana and any other THC-containing products, abstinence from your normal hair care products, and regular shampooing. You can also check out the information and resources at to find additional strategies for bolstering and even expediting this plan.

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